Friday, January 8, 2010

Better Late Than Never.......

Outward curve seam (above)

Inward curve seam (above)

Enclosed Seam (above)

Inward Corner Seam (above)

My mom bought me my first sewing machine for my 32nd birthday. Now the last time I sewed before my birthday was when I was 15 and my grandma helped and tried to teach my to sew my first pair of pants. It was successful and I wore those pants until one day they fell apart in the washer. I have not sewn since then.
I got my machine and had a friend from the ward come help me figure out how to use it. That was a great help and off I went. My first few projects turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Well I began to search the internet for tutorials and began to self teach. Then I ran across some terms I was NOT familiar with things like "stitch in the ditch", and other crazy sewing terms that I could not quite get so I decided to take some sewing classes at a place here in Denver called Fancy Tiger. The first class I took was sewing 101 and it was useful to help me get to know my machine a bit better. My second class was last night and it was seam techniques I did not know there were SO many! It was a great class and I am excited for my other classes.
SO I noticed I have been stuck sewing things I am "comfortable" sewing and I want to do more. I thought I would create this blog write about my sewing classes and my adventures in sewing and trying new things. So here goes!!!!

Included are some pictures of some seaming techniques I learned in my class and a bag I recently made as a Christmas present.


  1. Good or you! I think it's a great idea. I never wanted to sew but wonder what was I thinking? I am proud of you! It's never too late to try something new and love it. Cute bag... Leah Reed

  2. Good job. You need to sign the contract before you finish the classes or you lose and will have to ware the dress!!